Would this be okay?

I read My Alien Lover by Anyanka and was inspired by the character’s outfits and CC backgrounds. I was wondering if I could use it for my story, or would it be flagged? Kinda scared bcs people can flag anything these days :slight_smile:

I think that you can use the outfits and backgrounds WITH CREDIT AND WITH PERMISSION since I believe that they’re custom? As long as you don’t copy the story and characters, you should be fine.

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You won’t get flagged and don’t need to credit for outfits. You can probably say “outfits inspired by _____” if you’re feeling generous, I guess.

For backgrounds you should credit the owner/creator of that background. Unless the creator specifically made that background for that author, of course :sparkles:

Also happy anniversary! :partying_face:

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thank you :))

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isn’t really something that authors can take credit for