Would this be qualified as a choice that matters?

Okay folks, so I’m writing a story and I’m writing this choice. I want to say that it matter but I’ll let you guys be the judge of that.

So the MC is stuck on this parallel version of Hart Island that next to a parallel version of New York and he has to escape the island withouth being noticed. Of course if he’s noticed he’d be taken into custody by the officers there and interrogated why he’s found harbouring illegal immigrant aliens and why he has fake police uniforms and information about the past of the island and stuff and obviously that cannot happen at any cost, so doing that is not an option.

So basically MC found what he needed to find from the island and now he has to escape with a bunch of aliens that look like humans except living on a different planet made their skin be either really light almost albino like or it makes them look dead so they’re easily spotted. MC is given an option if he wants to dress like a doctor and go one route to escape, dress like a policeman and go another route or dress like a prisoner and go the hardest route.

So I’m thinking all 3 routes would offer success to escaping withouth being seen, but I wonder if this choice would be qualified as one that doesn’t matter since picking either route would give you different character points and skill points but would still lead to the same outcome. What do you guys think?

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if it gives different points, yes, i’d say it does matter. atleast a little.


I would say this very much is a choice that matters. It is highly interactive and lets the reader decide whether to challenge themselves. Since each route uas its own difficulty, you make it very much like a video game in terms of playability, if that makes any sense.

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Yeah that makes sense. This choice was kind of inspired by GTA V’s abillity to choose which way you’d do a heist and which men to take for the job. The way you chose would be the way you played and if you hired cheap people for the job their jobs wouldn’t be done as well so you wouldn’t have that much time or skill from them and the job wouldn’t be done as well.

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