Would this synopsis draw in readers?

I hate to do this, but I’m a bit stuck. Writing mystery is not my forte and I don’t know how to appeal to mystery readers. Plus, this is the first Episode story I’ve written that I’m actually publishing.

So…would you play this story after reading this? Why or why not?

A serial killer terrorizes your small town - and someone you love goes missing. You’ll never guess the ending! Collect points, find clues, try to identify the killer! LGBTQIA+, CC


I’d maybe put in something that makes it unique, sets it apart from other stories/shows/movies which could be described by that same synopsis. And don’t put “LGBTQIA+” if the player can’t actually be some of those identities.

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The player character is panromantic and pansexual, their partner is gender neutral, and another character is trans, so I do want to keep LGBTQIA+. :slight_smile:

The issue I’m running into is that I only have a couple sentences of space. Anything more I try to put there seems to spoil the endings. I’ll have to brainstorm a way to approach this from a more unique perspective. Maybe add something of the events that led there.

Thanks for your feedback!

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I think it looks good😀

I sure would! If I were to not to read it, the description would be stuck in my brain forcing me to read the story until I can’t help myself. I’d love to read a story like this with my sister, we like reading mystery and thriller stories together :slight_smile:

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