Would this work for the Heroic Contest?

I was so on the fence about entering that I didn’t really want to start a new story… :sweat_smile: However, since a lot of my stories have some form of the hero’s journey, I was wondering if you guys think my unpublished story would qualify.


A disgrace to her crown, Reyna signs her life away. The problem? A little girl with a special set of skills and a contract of her own.

… Too bad she didn’t read the fine print.


It’s a comedy. Basically, the main character has been spending the last two years hiding in the far outskirts of a rival kingdom surrounded by her own people. Everyone thinks she’s dead or that she would be better off dead because she abandoned them. Anyways, life isn’t too good, and she finds out that the rival King knows where to find her so she has to scramble to fulfill her end of the bargain for him, which she’s pretty sure is impossible. Except she gets caught by her best friend’s kid sister.

I don’t know if that made any sense, but yeah. If it doesn’t qualify, I’ll just publish it later, no biggie.


Absolutely, your story idea fits the theme of the Heroic contest. It’s a journey of self-discovery. A lot of story ideas can fit that realm. Good luck!

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It fits the theme! :heart:

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