Would u read this kind of story?

hi all ! would u read a story in which the mc (and majority of the characters) is not human?
it would have limited cc for the mc and the li


would they be alines or like halloween people ? exm. vampire, werewolf, fairy, i could go on hehe

but i would still read it !!

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i’m thinking tieflings, in like a dnd style story


OHOHHHHHHH i just looked it up, cause i didn’t know what it was since i’m hella dumb hehe.

but yea i definitely would !! they look really cool, as long as your plot is good, i think that people would read your story also :))

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As long as the plot is good it doesn’t really matter to me

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I’d read anything as long as I’m intrigued by the plot.

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Oh my gosh I love dnd yeah I would.

Then definitely, yes!

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So it’s like a fantasy story?
AND YESSSSSSSS!!! :star_struck:

hell! My MC isn’t human! :joy:

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