Would U Read This Type Of Story? (:

For a while, I’ve disliked the amount of stories on Episode that are all about Mafia Leader’s ‘falling in love’ with MC’s and that sort of thing. I’ve been trying to think of something involving secrecy as well as the mafia topic but without any area of romance AT ALL! I thought about making a story where the Mafia Leader would end up in jail or something similar but I didn’t know if people would read that sort of story. It’ been a plan in the back of my head for a while but today I saw a thread with the title ‘What characteristics do u like in a MAFIA story’ and I honestly thought that this was going to be like all other threads asking the same thing but I noticed that people started including what twists they would like to see involved and a comment by @Farah_DeSantis surprised me since that was my story of plan for a story but I just didn’t know who would read it =

& so I’m now thinking if I should actually continue the story (I left it in my portal discontinued and never published) (:

What do u all think if a story was to be written WITHOUT romantizing any areas of the mafia and with a twist instead of the toxic relationships that always end with the Mafia Leader & MC living ‘happily ever after’ in their ever so toxic relationship? (:

Please share any and all opinions, I’m open to all thoughts (:

Would u read this sort of story?
  • Yes!
  • No!

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Alternative endings are fun and insresting to me!

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Or maybe with romance but the MC falls in love with someone who’s not in the mafia


I like this idea where it is not in the romance genre but you have to make it very clear what you are doing. Because if you make them “hot” then people with automatically romanticise them. You have to make people see what it is really like whilst not breaking guidelines. You would have to use trigger warnings. I read a story similar to this but they ended up falling for the criminal so I would love to see this stigma changed. I don’t step out of the romance genre like ever but I totally would for a story that shows the real truth behind all this trend of using maf*a to make things interesting. I am a modern studies student so this could actually be a story that interests me if done correctly.

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I’ll make sure to stay well out of the romance genre (:


No. Mafia stories should not be in episode whatsoever. Full stop. Any author who writes one is problematic

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But it’s not like they’ll ever be taken away, sadly…
Episode needs their money and authors spent all their time working on these mafia stories

Oh well at least we can just not write any

and btw I like the idea of having a mafia story which doesn’t have a li in the mafia, as I probably already stated

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The whole Mafia getting away with the illegal fights, human trafficking, selling drugs and committing treason is getting a little old, don’t you think? I haven’t read a story where the leader of the ___ gang is caught or whatever, and would love to read about it, if you end up publishing one:)

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Don’t write mafia. Other alternatives:

  • Black dancer who worked hard to build a theatre but a flood ruins their hard work making them puck up the pieces
  • White fugitives who get arrested and use their time in jail to reflect on their mistakes. Don’t use black people as criminals. Black people should play counsellors and therapists
  • A black scientist who discovers a way to reduce climate change. White characters will play the greedy billionaires

Just a few non mafia examples

But the LI isn’t one of those “hot badboys” in the mafia or whatever
This story is about kicking the mafia’s butts and getting them in jail lol :smirk:

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Still a mafia story so it’s a no from me

The point is to reverse the stereotype of the maf*a being good people. Sure it would be nice to be able to go through the app and not see any maf-a stories but that will never happen. So I think if it is showing the maf-a in a bad light which all stories that involve them should be. I hope this kind of story will make young teenagers reconsider liking maf-a bosses. It won’t get rid of these stories but it might change how some people see them. So I agree that maf-a stories don’t belong on the app but they are not going to go away. And as I said I am a modern studies student so we research modern crimes and situations in the world. I think this could be very interesting for people like me who love crime and law. I could have gone for many other subject but crime and law interested me and I am sure I am not alone. I don’t stand for criminals being good people, I just like the stuff behind crimes.


Maybe but as long as the mafia is seen as BAD!

It will be, this story will show that there is NOTHING good about any mafias (:

It’ll show that how cruel they are as well as all of the reasons that makes organised crime so feared (:


Like I said, we’ll kick their butts :joy:

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