Would U Read This Type Of Story? (:

Ah :joy: This story isn’t like Breaking Bad at all then and as far as my plan goes, it has a few more unique twists than the common cops&robber melodramas :blush: (:

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Bump! (:

I personally not into Mafia stories or cliche romance story, but it depend on what do you want.
Do you want to create a story for yourself, according to your “world” version of you(Like you are the creator, you are it’s story God, you can create a story about something that exist in our world but in different reality and such" according to your own taste.


You can write a story that people wants. If you don’t care about what people want to read, you can always create a version of a story according to what you really want ignoring other’s, but not many people will read that, but if you want your story to be liked you need to write it in people’s taste even if it doesn’t really suit you.

I personally like a happy ending, but not for the bad guys. A story doesn’t have to end in happy ending though. Some sad, touching stories can be from a sad ending as well.

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But it’s not cliche at all. The MC works hard to get the mafia in jail, and her LI isn’t in the mafia (:

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@NeverSunset = I’m going to start by saying, if I introduce an LI…they will not be involved in/with the mafia in any way, shape or form (:

I don’t agree with mafia romance stories since in my opinion, they are toxic/unrealistic and more often than not… involve an MC that would somehow end up in the violent/abusive mafia life their self.

This story will be full of research, I will try my best not to show any characters as one-dimensional and it WILL NOT end in a happily ever after involving the MC and Mafia Leader living happily ever after :face_vomiting: It may or may not :smiling_imp: be a happily ever after for the MC but it will not involve any mafia romance at all in that ending (:

On the fact of this story being a ‘cliche romance’, this will not be one of them since as I’ve already explained…the LI WILL NOT be involved in the mafia if I end up actually including an LI anyway (I have no plans to involve one at the moment) (:

On the fact of some thinking this will be ‘a mafia story where the MC falls for a mafia member and they live happily ever after’…Sorry not sorry but u couldn’t be further from the truth since there will be no romance between the MC and a mafia member (:

The mafia & its members will be represented as realistically as I can! Meaning a lot of time is being spent on research, as well as I’m speaking to a few people on the forums who know a little more about the mafia than research can tell u & listening to a few documentaries (i.e = Ex Mafia Boss who does documentaries on YouTube about his mafia life and what is and isn’t correct as well as speaking to a few people from the country this story will be based in who can help with what appearances fit the characters ethnicity etc…) (:

I have not decided whether to make the MC have a good/bad ending yet since I’m focusing on my R&R entry before I start this one but I do know that there WILL NOT be a ‘happily ever after’ for the mafia members/leader (:

I think I’ve explained most areas of your large paragraph but anyone feel free to reach out if u have anymore questions (:

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Thank u! That is exactly how this story will be (No cliche romance, MC works hard for police & in the event that I do end up adding an LI…they will not be involved in mafia) (:

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