Would using a overlay in episode be considered personal or commercial use?

I know this might come off as a dumb question but I really didn’t want to get in trouble for a overlay I can’t use or getting rid of an overlay as I wasn’t sure if I’d get in trouble for using it or not. Can someone please let me know if I can use an overlay that says personal use only as all the overlays I need for my story say personal use only. Someone please help me out !

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So you need a text overlay or… Im kind of confused

If it’s for personal use then yes it’s not good

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I’d say commercial, since episode-related art commissions (covers and art scenes) are classed as commercial. :thinking:

If you’re not planning to publish the story to the public with those overlays, that’s fine since that is personal-use, you wouldn’t be sharing it with anyone. But it’s likely that you are planning to publish your story on the platform(?), so it would be commercial.

Ok thank you so much! I thought I couldn’t and just wanted to double check thank you for letting me know !

Ok! thank you I just wanted to make sure of it all cause I didn’t wanna get in trouble for a overlay I couldn’t use.

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No worries! And good on you for asking! A lot of people would just ignore that and use them anyway even when they know they shouldn’t.