Would using existing characters in my story be a good idea?

Apologies if I put this in the wrong category 0_0’ but I didn’t know which category to ask this.

From what I meant in the question was can I use real characters from things like TV shows as characters for my story?
I’ve been wanting to make an AU (Alternate Universe) for the characters but I wasn’t sure if it’d be a good idea or give me any reads since they’re not original characters.
The story will be original of course but just the characters aren’t. I just want feedback on what you people prefer, mind, or don’t mind when it comes to using existing characters. I don’t want to work very hard on a story but have people dismissing the story once they read it. Thanks!

I think it’s in the guidelines somewhere that you can’t use real people or real TV show characters in your stories. You can mention them once or twice, but can’t have a full on story revolving around them, sorry


Oh alright, I remember I saw someone else use real characters for their story once so I thought maybe I could as well. Thank you so much!

Yeah, I’ve seen a few complete rip offs of TV shows. But they all get reported and taken down eventually

Just change their names and use their personalities :slight_smile: if you’re using different characters from different shows I think that’s ok and probably no one would notice, just don’t use a full cast of a story or make the story almost the same

I was wondering if changing their names or something would not get me marked for using real characters but that seems a bit risky. I was planning to use almost the full cast or just only the main characters. I think the best bet is for me to come up with original characters. Thanks for the idea though :slight_smile:

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For sure :slight_smile: anyways, if you do end up publishing it let me know so that I can read it ^^

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I think basing characters off people or existing characters is alright. As long as it’s not obvious, or completely ripping off the character.
For example, I love Overwatch. One of the characters in an existing story of mine is based off Pharah, named, Fareeha. And a character in a WIP story of mine is a Korean girl named Hana, ala, D.Va.

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Thanks for another reassurance :wink: I was completely lost with the ideas and characters for my story since I couldn’t use them. I might either make original characters or make characters based off of them. Did you make your characters look very similar as the Overwatch characters? I get afraid someone will notice the characters that I based off of and mention it to me or report me for making rip offs or something.

… Yeah, I’ll admit, I sorta did. But it’s not the easiest thing to make Episode characters look like actual characters from wherever else. Certain things have to change to make them fit the aesthetic of Episode characters more, or just, to make them better looking in general.
I ended up giving Fareeha the ‘Long Faux Hawk Solid’ hair, rather than anything that would ever look like Pharah, mostly 'cause it looked better. And Hana is a tad bit darker than her Overwatch counterpart.

Again, I think it’s okay to do that sort of thing. However, not to make it too obvious, either. Plus, I wouldn’t really have the characters be in any way related to where they came from.
Play it safe, y’know?

I made mine pretty similar looking as well but was hoping it wasn’t too noticeable. I did change their names as well or made some close alternative version of it. Sadly, I wanted to mention their past but a more realistic modern alternate version of it since the characters I wanted to use before are from the future and sci-fi and my AU is in modern day. That might make more suspicion so I might have to come up with something for that as well. :pensive: (EDIT) Wait, hold up I saw someone use the exact same characters from a show and it hasn’t ever been reported or taken off of Episode for using them and they’re supposedly also in an AU. I see a RWBY story on Episode with about 23K reads. :eyes:

Just because others did it doesn’t mean you should, too, because they’re still technically breaking the rules-

I tried to make an AU/Spin-off of Supernatural with a friend and mine’s OC’s once, but after messaging Episode, they said it broke the rules.

Yeah, I’m not planning on it since that would be, like you said, breaking the rules, and also very risky to get myself suspended on Episode. I’ll figure out what I’m gonna do though. Thank you again for this info though. It’s helped me worry less :wink: