Would wanna be part of the feature story and been pay

if your story got very populare would wanna be part of it

I myself dont care about the money I got pretty good money already. the only reason I would want to make a feature story is to have access to all the hidden assets. because many feature stories has that

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Same, but I still will never sell my story to episode and have them change it :wink:


I could never sell a pre-existing story to Episode tbh. I never like the remake ones that they buy off authors anyway, so I wouldn’t want them to butcher my story. It’s a different case when an author is approached to make a new story to feature, but it’s the remakes they do that are terrible.


I would want to but hell no. Episode is super sketchy to the stories that it features.

I don’t know lol. The good part is that they have good outfits and customization but I mean they will change up the story if I want it featured I think, I’m not really sure.

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