Would you actually join/request?


No idea where to put this…

Ok, so the title is really the question here. I have been improving on art a lot recently and would like to know if I should make an art group. Like an actual, nice, group. I’m going to be honest wit you that I have no friends on here really :worried::disappointed: That’s only because no one knows me.
But know me or not would you like to join an art group led by yours truly :sunglasses:
Or because you you don’t know me you just think I’m really weird.

  • Sure, I would be interested
  • Ew, wtf no u suk at art

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Let me know or else I will post memes :expressionless:


You have no friends?

Who am I?


Lmao, jk… We haven’t REALLY talked… I guess I am ur acquaintance…


Would any go to mine?
Just asking


Like what am I… a roach


Wut :joy:?


Lol it’s from a vine


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I would probably request, but I wouldn’t join because I am not an artist.


I’d be interested. But usually art groups like this have 50+ members and that’s what makes them overwhelming and uninteresting. I would be interested in some kind of partnership with two-five people or maybe a dozen, not a big group of people.


I I know what you mean, if this actually became a thing it would have ten people at most.


What’s keeping you from making it a thing?


lol thinking of a name
I have a few in mind just dont know if they are used


What do you have in mind?


It’s really bad and its literally ever other group out there
very basic
Episode Alert
I suk at making names


Well what do you base your name on? A group? What are its values? You can also ask people what they have in mind, that can help.


I want it to be a smaller group where everyone knows each other and are friends
Cause I want more friends lmao

Do you have any ideas that you could donate?


I don’t know, Episode Friends? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I have honestly no idea


I don’t have much friends around here either…


omg saaaame