Would you be interested in this story idea?

I have an idea for a story I really wanna write, but I dunno if anyone would read it.
It’s a fantasy story called Twelve Steps In Time and it’s about a girl who has to travel across Ancient China, through the ages to find the lost Dragon Pearl. It’s supposed to be partially historically accurate and I want to incorporate a lot of cultural elements in it.
Oh, and there’s no CC
Would you read it?

  • Definetely!
  • Might check it out.
  • Would need more info about it
  • Maybe…
  • I will if you put CC in
  • If I have time.
  • Not really my thing…

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Thank you to everyone who voted!


I’m considering putting in limited CC…how many people would prefer that over no CC?

This sounds really cool!


If you think no CC fits better, you shouldn’t change your story just to please people who want to customize. I would 100% read it, CC or not. Just do whatever fits your vision! <3


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