Would you be kind enough to like draw a thingy that i could put at the end of the episode?


Yh tbh I’m rlly bad at drawing, I can barely pick a pencil properly up so yh. The characters would be Dagger and Winter their like a couple but their not u know what I’m saying? I don’t mind what pose or background as long as it’s clear that they like each other but hate each other at the same time…if that makes ANY sense :joy: Sorry for wasting your time…


I could try and help


Lifesaver, I don’t mind what you do as long as your interested


At the moment I can’t draw ur characters but I can edit them and add them to the splash


But if u need them to be drawn I can try my best


Whatever your comfortable with, your helping me as it is


Cool. If u can send me a pic of them in the pose u want and the background I can start


Also I need it to say end of episode right? Or something else?


It can say see you later or something


:ok_hand:t5: ok


Okay, I’ll send it over in a minute


Alright, I’m quite a big doofus and completely forgot how to make the labels invisible, so like help?


That’s fine lol
Should the background be light or dark theme
So I can find one


Heheheheheh… I don’t even know what labels are…

Whose the doofus now?


Well…Looks like there’s two of us


It’s a dramatic story so dark would be a good fit


I LoVe your PP btw! It makes me want to drool all over it.


GURL if you would see me creating characters in the beginning!! They were so weird…they looked like smurfs lol Like I don’t even know how I did that but the protagonists have to be attractive asf? RIght


Lol, I tried making a story…and well …I tried :joy:
Atleast Yours look like something! Mine, I didn’t even know what…they where :joy:


And yeah… good job btw