Would you be mad if your love interest's customization was removed?

Let’s say you’re reading a story, you customize your love interest and everything. Then, in the middle of it, the author decides to remove love interest customization, in that case, it would turn him/her into a total different person (Physically speaking).

  • I would stop reading the story or feel a little uncomfortable when playing it.
  • I would be totally okay with it.

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If you want to justify your answer or you feel like any option doesn’t match or thoughts, feel free to comment!


I honestly wouldn’t care unless I messed up on the CC and I couldn’t change it. I wouldn’t be completely fine with it but I also wouldn’t be uncomfortable, either.

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Oh, no. I meant that the author would remove the love interest customization so that would give them a neww look that the author would choose. :sweat_smile: Like, one day you play the story and suddenly the author comes up with “I’ve changed the look of the love interest you customized because blah-blah. And you can’t change it!”

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Oh then I’d be like, “I’m out” if they were ugly.
If they looked smokin, I’d be fine.


If they changed it halfway through? I don’t know if I’d stop playing, but I’d probably be really confused lol


normally i don’t care about this stuff, but to take it back in the middle of the story would kind of make me mad if i was a reader lol. Like once you give it you can’t take it back lol its not fair to the readers but it’s your story so its your choice.


I’d feel a little disappointed and it might take me out of the story a bit. Like I got used to and attached to this person and suddenly they look like someone else entirely. (Not to mention I often let my friend or my sister customize them so it becomes a kind of fun thing between us so yeah, that’d be disappointing.)
I doubt I would stop reading but it would honestly depend on the story and how invested I am in it. If it were really good I might continue reading but otherwise it’d depend on my mood and how I felt about the changes made.


Tbh I wouldn’t continue reading because I dislike thinking that my love interest is CC then one day they’re not :frowning:


I wouldn’t be OK with it because randomly the guy I customized just changed. I’d be like “dude, what the heck just happened?” He had black hair, and now he has blond, and everything about him is different. The reader give him a surgery by changing his features into something else.

However, if the story is good, I’ll keep reading.

Although there’s nothing wrong if the writer wants to make the love interest not customizable anymore should they decide on a re-vamp. As long as it doesn’t affect current readers and only applies to new ones or people who are re-reading when the writer puts this update into their story and publishes, then all is good.


If I customized instead of keeping the same look they started with, it was because I wasn’t feeling the original look. If it was changed back, especially after the time I took to make the LI look perfect for my MC, I wouldn’t read it. These are visual stories and if the visuals are off, I’m less likely to read.

Even if it was a really good story, I’d be far less invested in the storyline even if I did keep reading afterward.


I wouldn’t stop reading, but I’d be totally confused as to who the hell my character is now making out with???


I wouldn’t like it if customization was offered for the main girl and the character looks ugly in my opinion I would be annoyed,yes , but I’m here for the story and if he’s not ugly I can deal with it.

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Same here

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I voted I’d be uncomfortable. The reason being because I’ve already grown accustom to an appearance of a character. This is visual storytelling, so I’d apprecciate it if visual aspects stayed the same from point a to point b.

I also though, don’t mind having no customization. I prefer no Cc actually. But I’d be just as annoyed if someone I didn’t customize suddenly looked way different. Its about continuity for me.

I don’t read names, so I only look at the character and if they look different with no explanation, it takes away from the story. Its too jarring.

So if a character gets a dye job, a broke nose, cuts hair, etc, it comes with an explanation from the author and that, I’m totally cool with because now its become part of the story.

If there was an update, and suddenly, everything about a character changed, even with an explanation, It would be jarring. I’d still read though.

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As long as the original design of the character isn’t too ugly I’m fine with it. I alway stuck to the original design anyway even if they have CC in the story.

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I kinda like no CC more because some authors let CC take up an episode and waste my passes

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Well, I always skip any form of character customization (unless it’s used as a plot device, ex; changing a hairstyle/appearance for a special occasion, etc.), so I suppose I would be unaffected since I went with the original appearance in the first place.

I always leave them with the default appearance no matter what, because I prefer to play the characters as the author originally envisioned them in their unique way. I feel that customization takes away from that.

Not to mention, the time you save by skipping customization altogether is very nice - at least, in my opinion.