Would you be more likely to read a story with custom illustrations?

  • Illustrations are a good incentive to read a story.
  • I only like it if they are high quality illustrations.
  • I prefer photo edits/manipulations than actual illustrations.
  • I’m indifferent towards illustrations.
  • I prefer there be none, just stick to the standard format.

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I like to draw a lot, and I’ve been working pretty hard on my first story. I was hoping to include custom images in each chapter. (Think like in eastern visual novels – there’s a special still image when something important or romantic happens.)

These take a little while to draw, so I was wondering – does this sort of thing enhance your reading experience? Are you more likely to read a story that includes this kind of bonus material, or are you indifferent?


well, I love when episode authors are creative. No matter how the way the plot or storytelling is shown. I would as a reader, love art scenes or the whole story completely drawn. The Dragons Tale is a great example of authors turning the way they tell their story into something that uses only art.

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It makes a scene seem more special and it does make a fun reading experience.
Also custom and interesting covers are important too

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I’m indifferent. They’re nice and all, but I wouldn’t be more likely to read a story because it had custom illustrations.
I will say that I love the fact that you’ll be drawing your own art :). To me it’s a little more special when I know the author did it themselves.


I like them, but it’s not something that will influence whether I read a story or not.

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I appreciate all the feedback! This makes me feel a little less stressed about it. I will still be including my illustrations, but I don’t think I’m going to focus on being a perfectionist on them so I can focus more on the story content itself.

Thank you


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Illustrations alone won’t convince me to read. I want a good story, first and foremost. I really enjoy the added art scenes, though. They’re icing on the proverbial cake.