Would You Be My Teacher?

Hey @Forever1201 here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So, for almost a year (ish) i have been doing covers and splashes and overlays etc. But I have always wanted to learn to do drawn covers, drawn splashes and pfp. I think it would be nice but unfortunately I dont know how to. I have tried many many times but it always ends up miserably.

So thats why I made this so someone is interested on teaching me.

I know there are many threads of classes on how to however I want to be taught privately like one to one.

If ur interested, comment down below :point_down:. I would be really happy to learn things from u AND I will credit u. :heart_eyes:

Anyway can join to teach me :blush::blush:

Have a good day :purple_heart:

~ Kit Kat :heart::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hey !! I am not here to help u bt I want help from u …from a long time I want to learn can u please teach me …plz plz plz

Teach what?

Character editing

For what if u don’t me asking

And if u want learn more u can join Mikaela’s art class …

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Like I said, I need someone to teach me in private :slightly_smiling_face:

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So you need help with learning to do?

Okay …bt can u help me ?

Learn how to do drawn

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Thnxxx for helping me …:hugs::hugs:

No problem…

When can we start

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Drawn covers and splashes and overlays right? I can teach covers!

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3rd and 5 are my best. @Forever1201

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Maybe tomorrow

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Alright :blush:

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Okay …thnx :smile:

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No prob

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