Would you be surprised if this was the plot twist?

Hi! I’m currently writing a dramatic love story, but I have a plot wist idea which I hope will break the writer’s hearts. Would you be surprised if the protagonist tells the love interest she loves them, but then the love interest doesn’t feel the same way? Their relationship was built up the whole story, but at that moment, everything was for nothing . I don’t even know if I should add this plot twist. And should I use it or is it used often? And if I should use another plot twist, what should it be?


I like it

sure… sounds like a good idea.

I like it’s different haven’t read a story that has did that yet.Usually the protagonist gets exactly what they wanted.This idea is more realistic but this could go 50/50 because everyone loves a perfect happy end.But that doesn’t mean not to do it I would read it.You seem like a good writer to me.

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I haven’t read the story and just knowing that idea broke my heart! What a twist! I think it’s really cool! :sparkling_heart:

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