Would You Be Willing?

Would you be willing to make me a free cover? I will credit you. Here’s some info. (I can’t give too much.)

Can I have at least a few details? Survival in an unknown land with things that defy physics.

What’s the genre? Action, Adventure, Fantasy

What’s your story called? My story is called, "Back To Reality."

Wait! Is there a deadline? Absolutely not. Take your time.

Is there any specific way you want your cover? Not really. I would appreciate it if it would be their faces semi-transparent and with a serious expression. In a jungle. (Ok, that’s very specific, I will admit.)

Can I read your story now to get an idea? My story isn’t published.

You better credit me, right? Of course, I’ll credit you.

Cough up some money, ok? I NEED A FREE COVER. IM BROKE.

What’s the story’s style? Limelight.

Can I change those horrible clothes? I think they’re alright.

I’ve noticed that snake tattoo on the female MC. Will that be included too? Yes.

Any altercation on the MCs’ features like, hair? No.

You seem worthy of a cover. If that’s what you think.

Draw or edit?

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What’s the difference?

Draw: The person will draw everything and it would take a little bit of time (Reality)
Edit: The person will use the image and background and edit a little things like adding a title and polishing everuthing!


Ok well I recomend you to go check:

They do request for free and you can choose when you want it. The only thing is that you have to give them credits for theire hard work!



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Np Happy to help!