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Hey everyone! I’ve just finished my description and cover and I don’t know if this represents the story right, Idk. I would love if you would give me a few of your opinions!
Thank you!!


Devastated after her twin is kidnapped, Em receives a note from a mysterious J, leading her on a mission only to get tangled in something far more dangerous than she bargained for.



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It’s a really good description n I love the cover who made it? x


@TyLo from Pretzel Art Shop! And Thank you for your opinion!

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I really like your description, although I would try to separate it in sentences - that’s just my personal opinion.

And I really like the cover! It’s amazing!

Good luck with your story :rose:

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Thank you! :smiley:

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The cover looks amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: but as @SilverRose mentioned, just seperate the description into two sentences. But other than that, sounds amazing.


I’m trying to figure out how I can put it into 2 sentences, where would I put the period? But anyways thank you so much for your opinion!! :smile::grin:

How about this?
“Em, devastated over her twin’s kidnapping, receives a mysterious note from “J”. She’s led on a mission that is far more dangerous than she bargained for.”

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Thank you, I like that better!


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