Would you continue a story if the author's behavior distasteful?

My friend got a fanmail yesterday, we weren’t sure if it is a hatemail or not. The fanmail said this:

“i like your story but your ig posts ruin the experience. Please take a break from ig or don’t be in the community like at all”

Obviously the person who sent this doesn’t like my friend’s opinions. We are guessing who she is and they argued before. Now they are on bad terms.

Question is: Would you continue a story if the author’s behavior in the community and/or personal comments in the story (readerMessages) is distasteful?


if someone doesn’t like the instagram posts they don’t have to follow that person

anywho, side note aside. I normally don’t like readerMessages because they are distracting, but a few here and there doesn’t hurt. If they were distasteful…? Perhaps an example…

readerMessage OMG stop picking all these choices. They are unrealistic!

I’d probably be like… what? This is pretty distasteful for me, I’d leave.

I so rarely continue stories… that I can’t answer the behavior part… (on a side note, I’m finishing everything in my favorites so I can say that I uncommonly finish stories lol)


Not only IG posts, my friend posts some controversial topic and she states her opinions. And she argued with a lot of people bc of this. I can only guess its because of her opinions

no I’ve stopped reading so many stories just because authors are rude and distasteful to their readers. I don’t care how good the story is, if you piss me off I leave.


Could you elaborate on rude? I’m sure many people don’t realize it, this can be a warning to new authors. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just mean to their readers. Respect goes a long way for me in terms of continuing a story :slight_smile:


I see. I agree, people shouldn’t be mean to their supporters. I say “Respect is earned not given.” always but I feel like readers deserve the most respect since they support you.


I can tolerate for a while but if i feel disrespected im going to find something else to read. People should just be nicer towards their readers afterall, they do not have to read you story but yet still took the time out to do so


Would you continue a story if the author’s behavior in the community and/or personal comments in the story (readerMessages) is distasteful?

Yes… but I wouldn’t read any of their other stories, I’d only finish the one I’m reading.


I would stop their story cold turkey. I don’t care how good it is.

And I wouldn’t read any other of their works. I refuse to support people who demonstrate disgusting and distasteful behavior.


I think for me it depends on how rude a person is. On one hand, if you don’t like someone’s ig posts, like, just block their account. boom, you’ll never see their posts again! but if someone is such a nasty being that it spreads into my enjoying their story, i’d probably quit it.


That’s a good point of view. Most people judge before reading.

I try to separate a work from its author’s separate personalities and actions as much as possible, personally. It I’m gonna dislike a story and stop reading it, I want that to be because the story’s actually bad! Otherwise, I’d feel like I had to do the same with a lot of classic literature, too. William Golding, for example, wrote The Lord of the Flies and was charged for sexual assault


I do the same if authors don’t put it into their story, readerMessages with little snarky remarks ruin the experience if I don’t like the author.

There have been times where I hateread some stories and got addicted :thinking:


I see myself doing that! “This person said some ridiculous things on the forums. I have unlimited passes… let me check out their story and see how bad it is… wait. Why can’t they be this smart on the forums?”


I said the exact thing but for IG. I actually became a fan after reading their story. (I was ignored by the author though, maybe they saw through me :rofl:)


If an author was rude, disrespectful, hateful, etc…
I stop reading.
I’ve had some pretty rude stuff said to me in fan mail and on Instagram, and I choose to take the high road.
Now, I do have fun with my characters answering my fanmail in a very snarky way, but I do that for comedic effect and never call out names. I think it also helps readers to understand the amount of silly fan mail that authors constantly get. cAn wE rCusToMizE? cAn tHe bAd bOy bE a LoVe iNteReSt? wHeN WiLl yOu cOnTiNuE?

But yeah,
I will quit reading a story if an author is plain out rude and hateful to readers and others, Instagram or fanmail.


I think that there is a deep connection between who the author is, their way of being and how they act. I don’t think that I’d stop reading a story because some instagram posts, but my opinion on them will surely change. I’d just finish reading their story that I already started and I won’t read the other ones.


I wouldn’t. If I had IG I would probably remove a few stories from my favorites, but I often start with checking the author’s fanmail and if I find him/her disrespectful to their readers I quite straight away without giving the story a chance. It also happened to me that I enjoyed a story but stopped reading it when the author made some rude comment in a newly published episode. Of course it depends on what you consider to be disrespectful and rude. I’m not a sensitive person so I can easily get over minor things, morever I know that I also may come across rude sometimes here on the forums because I have some extreme opinion about a few things and I don’t even know how to express them properly in English. But when I interact with my readers I try to pull off my best, because I‘m happy that some readers take their time and passes to read my stories. I can be rude, I can be mean in many situations, but when people support something what you do it’s really not that hard to be nice.



See, not a lot bothers me personally, so >.>

I don’t care if you have opinions and stuff. If you have a good story, you have a good story. If your story is obviously pushing an agenda heavily on one side and not making fun of itself in the process, I will get annoyed and most likely stop reading.

But if you as a person has opinions and share them, I won’t like…stop reading your stuff if I enjoy it, that doesn’t make sense. I don’t care how cringy I might think your opinions are, you have the right to have them, so >.>

I often don’t like a lot of things being too serious. Most of the time, I have to be in the mood for serious stuff. Otherwise, I really am extremely laid back and don’t mind much of anything lol

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