Would You Enter a Cover Contest?

I’ve seen a lot of cover contests that have failed or ended when the host became inactive. I just want to know if people still enter cover contests. I’m thinking about hosting one for my story, Swimming Shallow, Drowning Deep. Do people still participate?

Would you enter a Cover Contest?
  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No
  • It Depends

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If you would participate, even if you’re busy at the moment, what details would want to know. What details should I include in the initial post?

Thank you so much! Hope to hear from you!

I would join if I had time (:

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Good to know! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes people participate! I’ve noticed it depends on the prizes, timeframe, and genre of story, and art style. But lately I personally haven’t been participating as much due to the time it takes to make it and the chance that it won’t be used.

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I’m okay with them, I just don’t like it when people are overly picky about what the cover should look like… realistic, must be wearing this, has to be this background, etc.

I like it when the artists have more freedom; there can be suggestions as to what the characters look like, but they aren’t required to follow them.


So this is my reason for why I wont participate in one ever

  1. Why should i spend time on an art work there might not even be used. It bot like i only spend an hour on it, no closer to 10, that is ten hours of my life i could do something els.
  2. I feel like its just a Way the one Holding it to get free art
  3. Prices always suck. Its often a credit and follow on insta, that useless to me.
    4 there are plenty of art shop why bot just go to one.

That’s not all true though…
Lately people have been coming up with some really good prizes; I’ve been looking around and discovered that many of these people are artists, and they give you art scenes in return. They give examples of what they can do too, and it’s not that bad, actually! I’ve seen things like first place gets three art scenes, second gets two, and third gets one- now that’s a good deal. 3 pieces of art in exchange for one?

  1. Yes, I completely get that. I wouldn’t want to do something that has never been used, so I decided, if I do one, that I am going to use every entry, the ones that don’t win will be used as an intro.
  2. Some people, like I, can’t afford to buy commissioned pieces.
  3. Prizes don’t always suck. I’ve never entered a contest for the prizes. I do it because I feel like helping people, for practice, and because it’s fun. If it’s not fun, then don’t do it.
  1. Art shops are usually free…
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Exactly! I’m not an artist, I’m an editor, and I would give more prizes than just follows and likes. I’d make people covers and pfps, and whatever else they need/want.

Honestly I’d join cause I have nothing to do and always wanted to join a cover contest