Would you enter an art scene contest?


If I were to host an art scene contest for The Ember Moon Pack, would you enter it? I’m just curious because I won’t make a contest if no one’s gonna enter :joy::joy:

  • I would enter
  • I wouldn’t enter

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im still tryin to learn how to do art lol


Me too I’m learning still and I’m pretty sure I can do one


That’s great! I might publish the “contest” idea soon!! :heart:


Ok and I’m gonna check out your story :grin:


Great! Thanks!! :heart_eyes:


I wouldn’t enter as my art skills suck, sorry :sweat_smile:

If I show you a piece of my art, your eyes may be in pain, and sadly you can’t unsee it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good luck to everyone who enters though!


thank you so so much!:heart:


Let me know when you post the contest (tag me or something?) cuz I might enter if I’m bored/ if I have time. :yellow_heart:


Sounds good !! What’s your IG??:heartpulse:


I don’t have one unfortunately :pensive:


That’s alright! I’ll tag you on here :wink: