Would you folks read this story?

I’m a little tired of how heteronormative most Episode stories are (as well as how overused the ‘bad boy’ trope is), so I was thinking of writing a story with strong LGBT+ motifs.

It would follow Daria, a 19-year-old college sophomore with the ability to foresee the immediate future (like, something that’s going to happen in the next few seconds and she can try to prevent/avoid/etc). The story starts with the new academic year, and she has 3 possible romantic interests:

  • Her best friend Tiff, a lesbian who just went through a bad breakup and wants to be a makeup artist
  • Eli, a bi trans guy who is studying photography
  • Jordan, a non-binary person (with they/them pronouns) who has struggled a lot due to their identity and wants to become a special effects make-up artist for movies.

(They’re all doing a liberal arts major, that’s how they met)

The conflict starts when Daria has a premonitory dream where Eli and Jordan have murdered Tiff. Throughout the story, she will have to unravel their reason to do so, figure out how to stop it from happening, and decide who her heart belongs to. She will also seek answers concerning how her ability works and why her dream keeps changing but it always shows either Tiff, Jordan or Eli dead at the hands of the other two.

I’m still thinking of all the little details, but I wanted some feedback for the main concept of the story. Thanks, guys!


WOW! Yeah I would totally read that!

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heck ya!!

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The murder part seems interesting.

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Woah! I love this idea, let me know when you publish or get a draft. Anything.