Would you give this a try?


Hi everyone! So, I have been working on a story for about 5 months now lol and it’s a bit different from a lot of stories people would read on episode. I don’t want to give the description just yet but i will tell you a couple of facts about it :slight_smile:

  • It will include all styles
  • The mc is Afro-Trinidadian
  • It takes place in 2236 in a cyberpunk world also Steam punk
  • A lot of action and fantasy and a splash of romance (Im not really good at writing romance stories)
  • There will be alot of choices that will effect certain scenes

What do you guys think?


Yes, I would for sure give this a read :sunglasses:

It sounds so epic, unique & mindblowing :sparkling_heart:


I will read it for sure


Thank you so much! I really wanted to try some different for a change!


Thank you :slight_smile:


No problem :wink:

Good luck! :sparkles:


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Sure sounds similar to my thriller but of course it’s your story so no worries. I would be glad to read it.


In what way is this similar to yours?


No worries. I meant the inclusion of all the styles and the genre. It’ll be fascinating and I cant wait to read it. Dont worry Im not accusing or anything. Im just glad someone in Episode is willing and doing writing in this form :slight_smile: Keep it up