Would you guys be interested in reading this story?

It’s a family drama about an incredibly wealthy family. The main storyline is about the main character, Winnie, struggling with her sexuality and identity, and falling for the neighbor girl. Her parents are also super judgmental and traditional. There is a subplot about the father cheating. I’m a bisexual girl, by the way, so the LGBTQ storytelling will probably be semi-realistic. You’re playing as Winnie.


I would love to read it, I have never read anything similar.
Good luck :heart:

I think it sounds really interesting and it sounds quite original. I’ve never heard of a story like it before, so I would definitely give it a read :two_hearts:

I’d totally read that. :sparkling_heart: Happy writing!

That actually sounds really cool! I’d love to see more stuff like this on Episode!

I even have a suggestion for a plot point- if she comes out to her parents, they could send her to conversion therapy. Obviously, conversion therapy is terrible, but it still happens in society today. I guess it would be interesting to read.

You had me at LGBT. I’ll read anything that has gay in it because I’m really thirsty for representation lmao.

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I really like that idea! But since the story is from her perspective, and I don’t know much about the topic, I don’t want to poorly write it and risk harming readers. Ill probably research the topic and see if I’ll be able to write about it respectfully.

Agree and you can always add some:

you are playing as …
so people dont need to think of it as their actions but as some part of MC personality