Would you guys enjoy this art style of episode added it in the future? (picture is in the description)


So this popped up when I clicked on episode and i absolutely LOVED the art style it was in.I get barbie vibes from this art style lol, how do you guys feel about it? Do you like it?


I guess… I would need to see a guy first before I can confirm xD


I would like to see the guys first but it looks good


I love the style, but I’m afraid with animation the people would look … stilted (more than usual)


I would use it!! It’s realisticish like Limelight, but more defined and doesn’t look as airbrushed.


Oh my god I saw it too an was in love! It’s exactly what I’ve always wanted, it’s like a mix of limelight and ink


I actually like it! It looks nice!


I think it be the perfect mesh between ink and limelight.


I love how realistic it looks!


I would totally love it if they came out with this style and plenty of cute clothing to match.


I’d like this


I would love this :heart_eyes:


I would love that art style, but I feel like the avatars would be a little statue-ish like the limelight avatars.


I love it!
It’s got the slight realism of LL but a bit of the ink style too… It’s great!

Rey x


Depends on what the guys would look like. I don’t really feel anything about this style. It looks alright but, we don’t know how they would move.


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