Would you guys rather have ads instead of gem choices?


Okay so there’s a huge commotion going on in the episode community over gem choices, So my idea is, you know how we have to watch ads in order to read an episode? Why not, instead of using gem choices people just place ads in their videos & if they get a substantial amount of clicks from the ads, then episodians are able to make money. I hope this is making sense, lol. Like on youtube, you have to watch ads in between the video, so why not have the same concept with episode stories? Because episode makes bank off of just advertising other apps on their platform. Let me know your thoughts & opinions on this. Please make sure to be RESPECTFUL about other people’s opinions as well! If you need more clarification then just ask.

If you understand and support my idea please go to this THREAD and support it.


I support!


oh my gosh, ads for the WIN! they get money and we don’t spend money, support!


Hey, wait, you’re the girl meddled with my post! lol


Please go support this HERE


feel free to support my idea HERE




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