Would you guys read my spotlight story?

I’m currently writing a fantasy book about a girl who discovers she the last remaining witch of her blood line after the death of her mother. As she navigates her newly found abilities she comes across a warlock named Nick who she becomes best friends with and a prince who she fall madly for. But what she doesn’t know is that the Princes soon to be wife is the darkness that she’s been fighting.

How does this sound?


the story line sounds like an amazing, interesting and unique story but I’m not sure about having it I’m spotlight format

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really good description! but I’m not a fan of spotlight…

I like the sound of it, and I :heart: spotlight stories (I feel like there isn’t enough)! Is it in INK or Limelight?
Happy Writing! :blush:

I would read that! If it’s a Classic Spotlight story I would read it totally!

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