Would you guys read this story? (Story Idea! πŸ’‘)

I just got a new story idea!

A girl is cursed to change her personality when she sees something. For example, the color purple. When she sees it, she turns mean and evil. She switches from mean to nice back to back in different episodes. Her friends try to help her with her problem. Later, they discover how she became that way and they plan to stop it!

How does it sound? Would you guys read it?


I’d probably read it. It gives me mood ring vibes, but it’s with personality and behavior.

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A very unique story idea! Will definitely read it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I like this, it sounds different than most of the stories you find on Episode! I would definitely like to read it:))

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I would definitely read it!

But how is that gonna work? The world is full of colors, her personality’s gonna change every second

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I’ll figure something out!

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