Would you have a problem with this?


This is the mc for my story. This story won’t have any cc I will be having a male version of her because some people prefer playing as a guy is she okay and cute or would you click away?


Yeah she great honestly I don’t care too uch for CC I prefer the qaulity of the story and the characters over all

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She is cute,like really cute. I actually myslef never change cc of any stories because I know how much work the authour has put into making their characters



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Thank you!!!

I like her.

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You know there’s a way to make a male version of a character with CC?

This could help:

But she’s cute so you could also not do that.

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Thanks but I’m making another story same plot because it’s so confusing having lgbtq+ and 2 different genders it becomes 4 different story lines plus this is my first story that I am writing and taking my time I don’t want confuse myself <3

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