Would you let readers upload your story playthroughs on youtube?

Someone asked me if they could upload my story on youtube. Is this a good idea? Maybe it would help it get more reads? Or is this a bad idea?


I personally think it’s not a good idea, because if that person uploads it he/she gets viewers but You have a high chance that You won’t get more reads because people already see that episode.


And I remember a year or two ago someone had a troible with episode because they posted episode stories. And got many views on Youtube.


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When it comes to posting story content on YouTube, there are rules:

"For stories created by Episode, players can upload videos to YouTube as long as there is commentary. Videos cannot be just a recording of the story.

For stories created by players/community authors, this is up to each individual author if they want someone posting their stories with commentary on YouTube.

It is not encouraged to post videos of other users’ stories, as they may be subject to copyright takedown notices, which is the author’s right to do."

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Even if you give permission it’s a TOS violation cause the person uploading your stories on YouTube is technically committing piracy

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