Would you like a cameo appearance in my story and chance to promote yr own story?

My Dear Lovelies: you can have a special cameo appearance of yourself/avatar/character in my story Binary Stars:Volume 2​:sparkles::wink::100:and also promotion of yr own story if you’re an author​:blush:
Im so grateful for all the love and support I’ve been receiving and want to try my best to give back💞if you are interested, follow these simple instructions:
After chapters 4-5 post your guesses/speculations/suggestions on how the plot develops. It can be related to any character in my story, or the whole plot itself, for example, who marries who, who falls in love, etc, all sorts of guesses. Let your imagination free but remember for it to be related to my story😅
You can post your answers here or DM me in IG nodira.epi (which is better since I check my IG more often).
Based on your answers, on how close you are, I will choose one winner. The winner can choose himself/own avatar/favourite character from yr own story to appear in my story😊
I will DM on IG the winner for further details and discussions.
I will take into account the suggestions and if they fit the story, will be applied and given credit for the winner.
If you have any questions feel free to write here or DM me in IG @nodira.epi. Feel also free to pass this info to friends who might want to take part😉
Deadline: 20 January 2019