Would you like for us to become friends?

I’m kinda lonely on here would anyone like to be my friend?:heart:


I would!

Lol thanks❤


How do you make your art scenes?:sparkles:

Oh I draw them?

Rlly I tried drawing😁 but it didnt work out lol

If you mean how as in how do I draw them well it took a lot of practice like a lot!

Your practice becomes perfect

Your work are really good!

Yeah all that paid off!

Thanks! So Is your work! :slight_smile:

My profile pic isnt mine vanessa_h did it for me❤

I know you have written it there right?

Oh, so is it right to open another shop by myself and can still be in this one?


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I was thinking about doing, character deets and overlay maybe?


I will still be 100% focused on the this one thou

Some people only have two artists in the shop some have many and some do it on their own.