Would you like me to draw anything to you? 🌺

Hello, today I created this new account, even tho I had my last one for a few years. I want a new start, since my break from episode lasted for more than a year.

I don’t have frinds irl and I have a hard time talking to people, because teens my age even avoid me, because of my looks I guess. Nobody wants to talk to me, they are disgusted of me. So I was thinking, maybe talking to people online will help me work on myself, get better and feel that I’m not alone :slight_smile:

I really want to have friedly talks or just, idk, anything, but even if just online, I want to be around people :two_hearts:

So I saw this new story contest, and maybe some writers need some drawn edits? (Idk how they are called lol, please help me :sweat_smile:). Or not just for the contest, but in general, for your stories maybe :slight_smile:

Idk if anyone will like this example, but if you do, and you’d like me something to make, I would love to help :slightly_smiling_face::hibiscus::cupcake:


You have talent!


Thank you so much! :sparkling_heart:


Really? I didn’t know, thank you for telling me… is there a way to delete my old account?


you maybe are able to delete it youself, I think in prefrence, but not all have the delete button for some reason.

or you can contact sydney to delete it for you


Ok, thank you so much for letting me know! :sparkling_heart:


Wow!! Your art is amazing!! I might need just a character drawing for one of my general stories, do you think you can help? I’ll happily credit you lots!! :grin: Is your art free?


Thank you so much! I’ll be happy to help :grin::two_hearts::hibiscus: And yes of course, it’s free, since it is not my own style, I mean, you can understand it’s episode character, it would even be illegal to charge someone :slightly_smiling_face:
When you are ready, send me the details of how you want it to look like and I’ll start :slightly_smiling_face::hibiscus:


Wow, thank you so much!! :grin:
Here are my character details!

Skintone: Copper01
Eyebrows: Round thin high (chestnut brown)
Hair: Medium straight down (blonde medium)
Eyes: Deepset downturned (hazel dark)
Face shape: Heart Soft
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Medium downturned pout (pink beige gloss)

I’d just like a drawing of the character in the same position of the example you showed, with a plain white background or transparent background if possible!
Again, I really appreciate this, thank you so much! :grin: How should I credit you?


Do you do art scenes/posing?


Oh my goodness!!!
You are so talented!!!
If at all possible would you be willing to create a book cover for me?
If you have the time and if you would want to, I’ll have more info for you.
My story is called, “Hypnotic Trance” If you would be willing to put that on the Art Work as well.
Here is what the characters look like and the style I was thinking about.

Skintone: Gold02
Brows: Arched Thin (chestnut brown)
Hair: Long Straight Loose Solid (Brunette Brown)
Eyes: Female Generic (Brown Black)
Face shape: Dimond Defined Contour
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Neutral Medium Nude Gloss)

Skintone: Gold02
Brows: Straight Medium Scar (Dark Brown)
Hair: Undercut Short Straight Texture (Brunette Brown)
Eyes: Narrow Almond Deep Sunken (Brown Black)
Face Shape: Chiseled Angular
Nose: Straight Pointed
Lips: Medium Heart (Rose Light Nude Gloss)

Here is the style I would like them to be in:

Thank you SOOOOOOO much! You have No idea how much this would mean to me.
Also, I’m sorry about your current situation but I know that the Episode community has you back and we love you so much!!
How should I credit you???


Hi, you’re really talented!
I’d like a drawing, how do I go about getting one? :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:


welcome to community :relaxed: @Nixy.Cup

welcome to communtiy :innocent: @AngelinaAngel

@AngelinaAngel Never lets people breake you down because of who you are i unterstand they mean and don’t want to talk to nice people because some act like a hood person or gang but lets me tell you there alots nice people out there and some here too and your nice person too and i love you’re art :innocent:


I’d like a drawing of her upper torso in a pose similar to the “flirt_wink_atcamera_pose” in this outfit below:

Screenshot 2021-08-08 5.33.47 PM

Oh, and here’s my character card:

Btw, I need friends also, feel free to text me on Instagram @adiore.episode! I’d be glad to make friends with you!

Text me and we could also talk about how you’d like for me to credit you, I really appreciate this kind gesture, thank you so much for doing this!


Ok perfect, I’ll start it, I don’t know for how long it’ll take me, but when I’m done I’ll send it to you, I think it’s going to be about 2-4 days :slightly_smiling_face::two_hearts:


I can always try :slight_smile:

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Hello, thank you so much for your kind words! :gift_heart: However, I don’t have style of my own, and I don’t think I could do it in your wanting style as well :pensive: Either way I can try to do it in episode style, in some similiar pose, but it is going to be the style as in my example, since, it is the only one I can do :slight_smile: If that sounds good to you, I would try my best, but either way, don’t feel pressure to use it :slight_smile: If you won’t like it, you don’t have to use it :slightly_smiling_face::two_hearts::hibiscus:


Hello, thank you so much! You can just put here your character details, pose background, well anything how you want it to look, and when I’m done, I’ll send it to you :slight_smile: