Would you like to be in my story? Pick a role! (INK)

This is pretty simple:

Give me your character model (INK) and the role you’d like to take.
I just need some people to fill out some roles for me:

(P.S: I will not add any context to these as this may or may not spoil the plot if you read my story lol, I’ll PM you what you’re actually going to be doing for the role of your own choosing tho, and I’ll also be letting you know when I’ve finished an episode with your character too.)

I’ll keep updating the thread to let you know which spots are left.

Soldiers: (I need 5)

  • [@QueenMilii with Miliani as the soldier (F).] (The Captain.)
  • [@BrookieK with Brooke as the soldier (F).]
  • [@Ayu with Kai as the soldier (M).] (Also a Captain.]
  • [Male]
  • [Male]

A sister and two brothers

Someone’s girlfriend ( They’re lesbian :slight_smile: )

  • [@dqrkskin with Annie as the lesbian girlfriend.]

Three girlfriends but they’re all straight.

  • [@Kalizzza with Kalissa as the girlfriend.]
  • [@Ayu with Ayame as the girlfriend]
  • [@Jessica.C with Alyce as the girlfriend.] (This one will take a while to appear in my story, I’ll PM you why if you’re placed here.)

A close family friend (Male)

  • [@BrookieK with Dawson as the family friend. ]

The secretary (Female)

  • [@Gabalho with Emma as the secretary.]

A hacker (Female)

  • [@24aya with Aya as the hacker.]

Sister please! If you need to change my outfit, please do so.

Who would you like to be? :slight_smile:

Sister if you don’t mind. If you need to change my outfit, you can.:heart:

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My hair doesn’t have to be purple it can be anything dark

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Who would you like to be? :slight_smile:

Can I be a girlfriend
Any one is ok
Just put me where u see fit

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Sure thing :slight_smile:

The secretary

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Can I be a hacker :smirk: ?
Character name : aya
Skin tone: honey
Brow: smooth arch
Hair: straight (white)
Eyes: slender natural (white)
Face: diamond
Nose: pointed
Lips : classic (ivory)

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Hell yes you can :wink:

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Yeshhhh! :smirk: hope I hack peoplesous :upside_down_face:

I forgot to ask you if you have an outfit preference? :slight_smile: I wanna know what kinda style you’re comfortable with.

I forgot to ask you if you’d like me to stick to a certain outfit theme? So for an example, as the secretary you’d always look professional. What style do you prefer?

image brother please

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Do you have a certain style preference? Like, outfit-wise.

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No you choose

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Can I be the female captain?

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Cool :heart: