Would you like to be my character creator?

I am going to start a story that will also have both “gay” and “lesbian” version. Tbh I don’t know much about them. So, It will be great if I have a writing partner who knows well about them. Please help me with your knowledge :relaxed: also would you like to be my character creator? (Italian characters)
what I am willing to know is

  • Your gender
  • How are you at coding
  • Do you know any language besides English and How is your English vocabulary?
  • What is your insta? (If you have an acc)
    You can also dm me on insta @teja.episode6274
    Ty for your time

İ can help you

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Ty, please answer the questions without number 2. I know that answer

İ know german and türkish and my english is good my insta is sunshinee.epi

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Ok, I will dm you in insta.
My insta is @teja.episode6274

I still need another partner. Or two.

Yeah i need too

Check your insta

Hey I’d love to help! I am female, I’m decent at coding, and I only know English. Insta: Nutella_writes

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Ty, I will dm you in Insta
Mine is teja.episode6274

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Not sure if you are still in need, but I am available.
I can code really well, have been doing this for 3 years,
and I am also really good at creating outfits! I literally do it everyday.
I am male and here’s my Insta @universal_matondo
I speak English, French and Dutch.

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Check your insta
Mine is teja.episode6274

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I still need

Hi what do you still need?

A outfit maker and also I won’t mind if you wanna be my Writing partner.

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I would be happy to create outfits for you! I can do it for all your characters for the entire story if you want?

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Sure, that’s amazing.
Dm me on insta teja.episode6274 or you can pm me here

Anyone out there who can make characters for me (Italian, Spain and new York)