Would you like to review my story? anyone?

Hey…I publish my 1st story some days ago
Please I would like to get my story review
Story name-Memory lost
Genre- Drama
Description-Lyle lost her memory while saving another person and her bravery turns the spotlight onto her…Little does she know, there’s someone watching her from the shadow.
CC,2 endings,1LI


hey i’m dropping my story soon ! i’m down for r4r

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okkyy :relaxed:

Would you like to do a R4R?

Here’s mine :smiley:
Title - Maid Of Honour
Maid Of Honour ( link )

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I never read ink story but I will give it a try😊

But you have to give me ss…bcz I read 4 stories and they didn’t even read my story in return…hope you don’t mine​:blush::blush:…and I am going to read your story now!!

Sorry, I was sleeping, I’ll do it now!!

I don’t ghost people tbh, I do what I sign up for :relieved:

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Would you love to do R4R?

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I don’t have a story yet…its not out. But i would LOVE to read your story!

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thanks :smiley:

haha…of course

I read your story…that wasn’t ink…right??

Mines LL

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It was limelight…and the MC have blue hairs…and CC was limited

On the cover?

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I read your story…II will send you ss later :relaxed:

Kk, I send ss already :wink:
I really enjoyed it!!

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You like the story?? :smiley:

Yeassss!!! I can’t believe she lost her memory, I was shook!!!

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