Would you mind no CC options with these characters?

Hello Everyone!

I would like to have your opinion on my two main characters design, because I would like to keep them lik this and not have CC option. Also, their ethnicity is important to the story, but I am considering allowing limited CC for features like the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Especially for the LI, Wide Almond Deep eyes are not commonly used for LIs and I don’t want the readers to find the character weird because of it (I find these eyes so cute!).

Also, the MC is a cliche mean girl (I mean she is an actress, it’s her job to be the mean girl in a TV show), so she has classic features of an Episode mean girl antagonist: I want her to have long lashes, full lips, long blond hair, etc. But maybe readers will find it annoying to have a MC with such stereotypical features?

The MC:

The LI:

Both have 26 years old.

Do you like their design and do you mind if there is no CC for them?

  • I like their design and I don’t mind if there is no CC
  • I don’t like their design but I don’t mind if there is no CC
  • I don’t like their design and I will read only if there is limited CC
  • I don’t like their design and I won’t read if there is no full CC
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Thank you for your feedback!

just pointing out, but a lot of ppl don’t really like this eye, myself included tbh😅 whenever i see it used in a story, it’s always on creepy characters that are harassing the female mc or weird characters who are called funny names because of the eyes. a lot of writers use it to signify a character’s unattractiveness.


I think the LI is fine but I don’t like the MC, specifically I think there’s something off with the eye/nose/mouth combination. Maybe one of the flat top lips would look better?

I also don’t think I’d read a story where the reasoning as to why there’s no customization is “the characters play a role in a TV show”, especially since I’m stuck as a “mean girl”. Like, maybe the reader can’t change major features but they could have a different hair color that they wear a wig over on set or something.


agreed about the eyes, the rest looks good to me


Thanks for your feedback! :hugs:
I understand the reason for no CC for the MC is kinda weird, I didn’t want to explain it in details but it’s not just about the TV show.
I think you are right about the mouth, I will change the full lips! :smile: I really want this nose but I think I will include eyes customisation for MC as I will include it for the LI.

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I understand, I will keep these eyes for the original design but I will allow limited customisation for the eyes, because I don’t want anyone find him creepy :sob:
Thanks for the feedback!

Please keep in mind that readers on the app tend to have a really strong opinion on customization, and it is different from what the forum tells you. On here most of us know the struggle of making a story and understand the love you can grow for a specific character’s look. The majority of the readers on episode do not.

So if you decide to not include full cc, please prepare for some nasty “fan-mails” about how wrong that is. I am talking from my own experience btw. I started with limited cc, but got fed up by all the negativity.

My stand is this: Unless it is absolutely necessary to limit CC, don’t do it.

If you want to add limb overlays, consider having three different shades to pick from.

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Ah, that makes sense I definitely get it if it’s related to an important plot point / character development / etc. I think the nose actually fits really well! (I was testing different feature combinations in the portal to suggest) And doing something little, like having a set hairstyle for work vs. what the MC normally wears could help separate the MC,'s character from the stereotype they portray. I’d just keep what @/Tabiso.stories said, you’re basically guaranteed to get fan mails talking about the CC option. Even people that have full, current CC templates sometimes get fan mails asking the author to redo CC because of a mistake they made (even though…they could have just replayed the story lol)

Personally, I wouldn’t mind if there is no CC in stories. I’ll still read! :grin: I do include full CC in my stories but sometimes, I’d rather just leave them the way I imagined them, you know? :joy:

Anyways, my best friend MidnightMaiden doesn’t since she likes to write her characters the way that they are! :blob_hearts: someone did send her a fanmail asking to customize haha, but that will be expected if you don’t include CC. I think at the end of your first chapter, you should say something like “this story will not have cc of the main characters.” That way, you can avoid a complaint in your fanmail (you might still get a complaint but with a disclaimer in your story, the chances are lower).

I agree, I think they are adorable :revolving_hearts: (Like I don’t find them creepy tbh)

Both are 26 years old. :see_no_evil: I’m so sorry about being a grammar nazi :sob: I know in French, it would be “to have” (avoir) when it comes to age though :nerd_face:


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