Would you pay 5 💎 for a bonus scene?

Let’s say a story has a point system, and if you pick the right choice, you get to unlock a bonus scene for free. But, let’s say you didn’t pick the right choice, yet you want to see the scene anyways. Would you pay 5 gems to unlock it, or just skip the scene altogether?
Feel free to share your thoughts, I’m writing a story with a point system and I’m interested in what you guys have to say!

  • I would pay 5 gems.
  • I wouldn’t pay 5 gems, I’d just skip it.

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I had 178 gems at one point recently, so I would definitely go for the 5 gem choice! As long as you’ve clearly explained the points and how they unlock different scenes so that I understand what I might be missing on, then I would definitely consider the option!


I actually use that , and 275, have I gotten on the single one I have, and for a note I have 8 chapters and only just git 3000 teads so that is lot who bought the gem choice

and yes I properly would ,espically if its a long one.

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I’d only pay five gems if I really loved the story and I was looking for an additional way to support the author.


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