Would you pay gems to subtract points from a love interest (if there were two love interests)?

I’m writing a story that involves two love interests. The player’s choices determines the amount of character points they have with both love interests. I’ve heard of people using gems (and gem choices) to increase points with love interests, but I never heard of people wanting to subtract points for one of the love interests. I just thought about this.

Would you pay gems/have the option to pay gems to subtract points from a love interest?

  • Yes
  • Yes, but add one point to one LI and subtract 1 point from the other love interest
  • No
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If there was a way to swap them that’d be ideal - but I’m not sure how that would go in a coding perspective.

In general I think it’s more fun to find out where your choices led you in the end ! But if you needed gem choices, usually adding points is preferred over taking them away ! Hope this helps.


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