Would you play a story with a Goth MC?



This is my first post on here, so I hope it’s in the right place.
I’m making a vampire story where the MC is goth, you can choose from varying goth-like outfits inspired by different goth and alternative styles in each dress up scene. You can also customize her appearance. The boyfriend you start off with dresses fairly normal, though. I’ve already written the first episode and a quarter of the second one. I was just wondering how many people would be open to playing as a character who wears alternative fashion? Any tips to make it more palatable would be appreciated as well.


I would definitely read it! It would be a breath of fresh air to read :grin:
Not everyone wears little shorts and crop tops!

I don’t think it will be much of an issue as it will be apart of the MC’s personality and I’m sure will influence certain things so I’d be surprised if anyone had any reservations. (Especially considering Goths are occasionally associated with vampires due to the dark clothes and music e.t.c).


Yassssss I would love that.


That sounds like a good story


It would be really creative. But, one tip of advice. Use INK. There’s more outfit options when you use INK, but other than that, I really believe it is a breath of fresh air!


I would love to read a story like that! :heart_eyes::black_heart:


Thanks you. Yes, I’m using Ink because I did research before starting and noticed that too. I’m glad everyone seems to be into the idea.


Thanks! I’ll have to let you and everyone else know when it’s ready then. lol


Of course :smile:


I look forward to reading it when you’ve published :slightly_smiling_face:


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