Would you play as her?

Just know the first one is of her natural hair and the second one is of her hair straightened. She reveals later she is mixed. (Hence why she has a bigger nose, lips, and curly hair) She DOES look white, I am very well aware, but this is my character and if you look at people who are mixed as well like Halsey ( and myself heh) just because she and I LOOK white doesn’t mean we are.

(Btw if u do drawn covers can you please dm me? )

( natural hair )
( unfortunately, EPISODE does give any short curls so ur stuck with this but )

She eventually uses this hair as well -

Would you play as her? Customization won’t be allowed. Also would you date this dudeee or this dude? (hott manz :wink: )

( you get to choose who ) ANYWAYS thats that! Thanks!



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Hell yeah.

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I would play as both of them, but shouldn’t her straightened hair should be longer? I have a few friends with curly/coily hair and the shrinkage is real.


Yes ofc as I mentioned and knowing since I am stuck with curls myself "unfortunately, EPISODE does give any short curls so ur stuck with this but "



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yea idc does your story have great writing

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