Would you play this?

I’ve always preferred the directing aspect of a story to the story telling part. So I also ended up loving coding mini games a lot more than I thought. I’m planning on creating a story just for me to code mini games in a sort of puzzle style. I plan on coding a cross words puzzle, memory game, and maybe even sudoku. That would just be for me because it’s what I enjoy doing. Should I bother publishing it into a sort of arcade or leave it in my drafts?


Publish it!

If it helps, I’ve seen a “story” on Episode which is just a cute little arcade style game from one of the author’s other stories.


Publish it!!!

I would love to see that kind of game! The mini games are often my favorite part of any story so I would love to play a story that is just them!
If/When you do publish it, please tag me! I will definitely give it a read!


publish it!


Publish it! Mini games are fun to play (lol)
I would love to read it.

Publish it

Publish it!btw I love sudoku

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