Would you please give me your opinion of this?

Okay so uh…well…this is a little embarrassing for me to say, but I’ll just say it.

Do you think, making teasers for my two books (even though they’re not yet even halfway done because I’m just that of a bad coder), then posting it online in some platform a bad idea, or at least, a little too excessive? I kinda know how to video-edit and I really would like my ideas to be “known” before it becomes an official story, just for people to know that “oh hey this idea exists and it’s in works.”.

I’m also asking this in a general sense because I’d like to pose all my story ideas that I have hopes to become something in the future. Do you think making teasers would be alright or is it too much?

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making teasers and trailers is really common and I dont think promotion of your work is a bad idea or too excessive either. I tease every single episode i post, and teased the story as a whole before its release. its always a really good idea to make people excited for you to release something, but if its only half finished i would refrain from promotion until nearer a release date, people will see it and realise its months out and forget about it. posting your idea before its an official story that your promoting is generally a bad idea imo, people will steal it, but if youre saying this episode is finished and ready to start being released, people are less likely to steal it because they wont be able to release theirs first


Oh yeah you do have a point, and I’m glad you think it’s a good idea! ^v^ I also understand that the longer it takes before the actual real thing becomes, the more prone it is to be stolen…but at the same time, I’d like to argue that no idea is an original piece of just one person, and to me personally, I have no problem for ‘my’ idea being ‘stolen’. Though I’d like to have a publish piece that serves as a clear evidence that I thought of it first - hence why I’d like to talk about my ideas and even plan on making teasers, as they serve proof that I’ve thought about it for a long time. By putting my idea upfront - even if it’s not remotely finished - I can counter that I’ve at least, thought of it before they ‘stole’ it from me. To me, it’s not about keeping the idea safely hidden in your head, it’s about making sure people know it’s been on your mind for a long time.

Though thanks for the suggestion, I think I’ll need to at least finish one and a half episode of my books before I actually make a teaser, just so I can tease more about the gameplay and storyline hehe :wink:


I think it’s actually a good idea , it also then gets people waiting for your story to go public so its a bit like advertising.


Honestly, I don’t think there’s much of a guideline for what counts as “good” or “bad” promo. I tend to use social media to find new stories to read, so it’s great when authors go the extra mile to let people know about their stories. I also like seeing video edits, since so many of the editors in the Episode community are super skilled at what they do!

I will say to try and avoid cramming too many flashes or bounces in your edits if you post them, as they can be a bit overwhelming for some people to watch. (If you do choose to include, which is also okay, please provide a warning before the video plays.)

If you ask me, I personally learn towards stories that feel as though the author put a bit of their soul into them. Like @/willowkayyy was saying, please be sure to invest enough time in the story itself, so that you fulfill or exceed reader’s expectations. That extra time you spend on the story just might give you some great ideas for your trailers!

Anyways, happy writing and editing! (Also be sure to let us know what your story and trailers are posted, I’d love to check them out!) : )


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