Would you prefer full stories, or longer waits between releases?

Hello, everyone!

Context: I’m in the process of writing my first story, and I’m really excited to test it out, but as I’m a full-time student, my writing schedule has been rather haphazard. My story is going to be 30+ episodes long, but as I’ll be in school for a long time, I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to update (despite using this as a way to procrastinate drafting).

Do y’all have preferences as to whether a story initially comes out with lots of episodes to tide you over, or with a minimum amount of episodes and longer wait times in between episode releases?

Thanks in advance!!

EDIT: If there is a duplicate post similar to this, I apologise! I’m still really new to the forums and I’m trying to figure things out.

Okay you shouldn’t publish the story all at once because I mean a lot of people will love that and be like OHMYGODDD a 30+ episode story and all completed?! Even though people won’t love the idea of doing pauses in between it’ll keep the readers interested so you can first publish like idk 10? And than as long as you post frequently the readers will love it, you don’t have to use my advice but yeah it’s what I say.

Goodluck writing! :heart:


Haha yeah I didn’t think all 30 at once would be possible, but starting with 10 as opposed to 3 was more of what I was curious about. Sorry for the bad wording!
Thank you so much! <3

its fineee and yww

I’m a full time college student and it was hard for me because I have to balance exams, projects, hw, online test, classes and labs with coding. I recently started a schedule where only on my days off from school, I write (the entire day until I’m done and my remainder days off I remove errors and clean it up) This allows me to release atleast one chapter every week and helps me to balance college with coding.


One thing that I’m planning to do with my future stories is either complete the story or have a lot of episodes to go before I start releasing them. I won’t release them all at once, but then I’ll be able to update regularly. It will obviously just be a bit longer until I can publish.

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Thanks, guys! Time management is definitely not one of my strong suits, so this is awesome advice!

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