Would you rather do

  • Wear black and white feathers for a shirt and pants (feathers inside and out)
  • Eat bannana puffing with black pepper and a slim Jim
  • Run around your house naked
  • Kiss someone you hate
  • Marry your brother or sister
  • Punch Donald Trump

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Tell me out of all these things what would you do, honestly, I would do everyone of them

Honestly, I would also kiss someone I hate because I have a love hate relationship with someone :wink: And also punch Donald Trump to get some sense in him. (No offense to Trump Supporters obviously)

What on earth is a slim Jim?

Like a piece of meat I’ll get a pic one sec

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Wow that looks…appetising. :joy:

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It’s not. It’s…gross. And that’s why I’m a vegetarian :joy:

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It looks like peperami which I wouldn’t touch with a stick :nauseated_face:

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