Would you rather game:

Hey ya’ll! I decided to do a fun game! My name is Dasha, and here’s the game:
Ex: I will say: WYR read romance or drama stories on Episode?
The next person to comment would say: Romance. WYR…etc.

Get it? I’ll start!
WYR read mystery or comedy stories on Episode?

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Wyr eat sushi or pizza?


WYR pet a skunk or a pet a catus

A cactus since these are cute af :smirk:

WYR eat roasted spiders or chicken’s feet? (yuck)

ikr Cati is amazing

Roasted Spiders (They bother me REVENGE!)

WYR hug me or hug @Caroly.episode

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I’ll wait until someone answers that :joy::joy:

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Just hug yourself!

Nah, that’s not fun!

Lol, I’d hug you both!
WYR get a million reads on a typical cliche story that you wrote, or get 100k reads on a unique story that you wrote?


WYR never eat anything from animals (so be a vegan) or only eat meat

No hate on vegans and ppl who only eat meat tho <3

1st 1

I’d rather be a vegan :thinking:

WYR only eat sugary foods or salty foods?

Sugary foods.
WYR have an iPhone 8 or iPhone X?

iPhone X (But I’d rather have a Samsung)

WYR learn Japanese or Greek?

WYR read Pitch Perfect in Deep Treble or Cameron Dallas: Started With A Lie?

I’d rather read Pitch Perfect.
WYR: read a book or watch a movie?

I will read a book
WYR: eat a pineapple pizza or eat a cheese pizza

A pineapple pizza, but I’d like to have both.

WYR have no animals or 10 of them?

No animals its a lot of responsibility to even take care of one
WYR: die or kill someone

I’d rather die.
WYR read Classic or Ink stories?