Would you rather game:



Would you rather: be tall and fat or short and well built?


Short and well built :smiley:

Would you rather be forced to wear wet socks for the rest of your life or be allowed to wash your hair only once a year?


Wet socks, I can’t live without washing it

WYR only be able to play or chat on the forums once a week but you get good grades or be able to play episode and chat on forums everyday but r.i.p grade


I’m no longer a schoolgirl :smiley: but - good grades!

WYR only be able to whisper everything or only be able to shout everything?


Only be able to shout anything

WYR take a risk that could have a great outcome or not take that risk


WYR date landon wilder or chriistopher shaww




Take the risk! But depends on what risk I would be taking
WYR take a risk that would kill you just so that your family would be protected
Dont take the risk just for the sake that you survive but your family would have a very big chance to be dead



WYR be mentally perfect but can’t move or talk or nothing or be dead