Hey does someone want to play would you rather
Idk if someone already made a thread like this

Would you rather spit when you talk or have your tongue swell up to the point where you can’t talk at all?


I already barely talk so either. :joy: If I could still eat normally and it didn’t hurt, I’d choose the swelling. Otherwise the spitting. And provide rain ponchos to my loved ones. :disappointed:

Would you rather… have to watch 3 ads before an episode, or have the orange watch-ads-to-gain-passes button give 15 minutes off the wait time instead of 30?

(If that makes sense lmao)


Completely, 15 minutes as I rarely use it anyways.
Would you rather eat a bowl of spicy potatoes everyday for a year or wear a rainbow vest for a year (never washing)?


(That’d probably be my choice too.)

I feel like the spicy potatoes would be delicious for like 2 weeks and then I’d get sick of them, but that’s still my choice rather than a stinky vest. :nauseated_face:

Uhhhh… Would you rather have two left hands or two left feet? :thinking:

I’m not too good at this lmao

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Lol I’m not ether
Uh I guess 2 left feet otherwise I wouldn’t be able to write on paper.
Would you rather taste with your feet or see with your armpits? Idk lol


:sob: Idk lmao, my arms would get tired from holding them up for so long, but that foot sweat… :nauseated_face:

Armpits maybe. My -quickly googles- Deltoids would get ripped af. :joy:

Ooh, I’ve got one: Would you rather have $100 in cash (or equivalent in your local currency) or BE ABLE TO SLAP STORY CHARACTERS AS MUCH AS YOU WANT?

I may or may not be reading a story where some of the characters need some good-natured, friendly slaps.


Yum right :rofl:

Aw that’s hard I guess money?
Depends on my mood I guess
Would you rather watch SpongeBob on repeat for 48 hours or watch a documentary about SpongeBob for 48 hours?

I don’t even watch SpongeBob but I ran out of ideas lol

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Sponge-bob on repeat, is that even a question

Would you rather be on a baking show with the judge Gordan Ramsay or a cooking show with a judge from shark tank

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On a baking show just to meet Gordan :wink:

WYR have an opportunity to sleep or to stay awake (can’t sleep anymore) for the rest of your life?


Opportunity to sleep

WYD have to read only text messages and social media posts for the rest of your life or read episode stories for the rest of your life?

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I chose social media posts, episode stories are getting more cliche as it goes and I have nothing to read
WYR being able to communicate with animals or have the power of mind reading?

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Animals but that’s hard
WYR be able to fly or be super intelligent?

Be super intelligent.
WYR eat a plate of bugs for $40,000,000 or have $40,000,000 and not be able to buy anything edible?

Not be able to buy

I could always ask someone to buy it, or trade for it.

WYR move every month or change faces everyday?

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Move every month.

WYR die with Iron man or get strangled to death my ragnarok?

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Die with Ironman
WYR lose badly at a game or win, and have your friend complain all day?

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Win and have a friend complain all day.

WYR Go to a dance with your mom or have your dad go with you instead?

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WYR have two left feet or two left hands

Two left hands

I’m an Ambidextrous person

WYR be naked for five hours on the street or naked for five minutes in the school hall way in between classes?

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