Would you rather write a quality story in classic and not get a lot of reads, or write a not-so-high quality story in ink/limelight and get many reads?

Would you rather write a quality story in classic and not get a lot of reads, or write a not-so-high quality story in ink/limelight and get many reads? I believe i’d choose the first option!


Quality + Classic anyday


^ Same


Agreed :ok_hand:


I’d write 40+ episodes of the trashiest, most poorly directed, messiest cliche if it meant I didn’t have to see the classic style on my screen.

Sorry classic lovers.


Classic too! :smile:


uhmmm depends on def of quality for me. . . like, if we mean 100% amazing then sure.

But if we are talking like my lazy-standards of good than lmao I’m doing INK / Limelight.


Dang! Fair enough. :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Lol I feel the same way about INK. But, if you don’t mind me saying this, I think that you should try reading some good stories that are in Classic. It’s a shame to overlook good stories because of the style. I mean, even I read INK stories even though I absolutely hate the animations as long as story is good. Sure, I don’t enjoy it as much, but the story is still the story, you know?

I hope this doesn’t come off as rude. As an upcoming author writing in Classic these days, I kind of don’t want stories overlooked due to style I guess.


No I totally understand, and I honestly have tried to (because I do love their hair), but like… I just can’t. I could barely get through the directing guides in the portal hahahaha. Even the parody H&V contest entry Pregnnt by my twin’s student’s dad gang leader whatever the heck else was in the title was a struggle for me and that included all three styles.

In saying that though, the only classic stories I have tried are ones where it won’t let me click on the author profile or see fanmail/bio, so perhaps I’m just finding the wrong ones. If you’ve got any suggestions though…?

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Sounds like the typical Episode trending story :joy:

Oh! If you can’t click on the author profile, that most likely means that the author has not logged into Episode after the update with the profiles occurred. I actually have great stories in the Classic style in my library! I don’t know what your interests are so I may not be able to provide suggestions interesting to you, but I’ll write down some amazing stories in my favorites right now!

These stories are written in no particular order- just what I found as I scrolled:

  • Campfire by Beth C. (Mystery)

A knife. A blood-curling scream. There’s a killer on the loose, and nothing is as it seems at Wolf Grove Summer Camp

  • Nostalgia by Perla P (Drama)

Experience Ashley’s crazy life and discover the complication of bad romance, insane drama, fights and even murders,

  • The Old Maid Adventures by Jade L. (She seems to go by Gisele Palmer now… I’m not sure why…) Comedy

Follow a flirtatious maid on her adventures as she disturbs families and businesses with her cleaning methods.

  • Dripping Mascara by Genevieve M. (Fantasy)

Ancient powers are waking, old enemies are descending… and a childhood crush is all Shelley needs to be up at night.

  • Life Happens by Rebecca V. (Drama) ONGOING

Rachael will learn that life isn’t easy. Join her on her journey through life as a wife, mother, sister, and daughter.

  • World on a String by R.A.Ross (Adventure)

You have 320 days to find a new earth and save your people. Can you navigate through dangerous alternate dimensions?

  • Through the Lens by Arielle Carson (Drama)

With her brother missing, Andy is left to deal with the pain and guilt. which is all revealed to a geek with a camera.

  • Hell’s Verdict by R.A. Ross (Comedy)

Marissa’s a top prosecuting attorney. But her success comes with a price she’ll have to pay for in the After Life.

  • Family Affairs by Aurizle (Mystery)

Nora begins to discover her life isn’t as perfect as she thought, when the people around here begin to disappear and die.

My absolute favorite story of all time on Episode:

  • Elemental Wars by Thyla (Fantasy)

Phoebe is a seventeen year old girl who must use her powers to save the realm or save her family!

  • Other works by Thyla (prequel/sequal to Elemental Wars) I believe the sequel is ongoing.

I hope you find these stories enjoyable! If not, I guess not. But, I hope you do find Classic stories that suit your taste!


Damn, I didn’t even know there was that many in classic anymore. I’ll be sure to try a few (and possibly blind myself in the process with those weird classic characters :wink:)


A lot of these are old since I haven;t been on Episode for over a year. I’ve yet to discover new ones in Classic lol.

It’s okay! You kind of get used to them! You may not be fully comfortable with them (like I’m not fully comfortable with INK), but it’ll become more bearable as the story goes on!


Definitely a quality story in Classic! Classic is my favourite style, anyway. I write all of my stories in Classic and I think they are good quality (it’s obviously a bit biased, though :joy:). There can be good-quality stories in all styles, but I just prefer Classic. I can barely deal with Ink tbh, but I know a lot of other people love it. Although, I would never write in a style just for more reads, which is why I write in Classic. Less people may read it, but it’s the style I like to and I think that’s what matters. Sorry for the mini rant :sweat_smile:


Depends… am I getting paid in this trashy INK/LL story scenario? :smirk:


I hate to say it, but I never really cared for Classic. :see_no_evil:

I loved Ink and actually like Limelight, but I would honestly choose a quality story any day of the week. What keeps me reading the stories I do is the character depth, the well written plot, etc. I want to watch character relationships grow or break.

As a writer, I would be beyond upset with myself if I wrote a subpar story just for the reads.


I would choose quality over anything but the classic style… I really don’t like it, I just love the ink style. For example I wanted to read Joseph Evans’ stories because I loved The secret of Rain and The last goodbye, but his other stories are in Classic and I just couldn’t force myself to read them. I know they’re good because it’s Joseph Evans but I just can’t stand the classic style :frowning:


Well, I am not a writer. But just for now, let’s say that I was one.

In the event that I do choose to write, my first story (and probably all of my stories) will be in Classic. It’s my favorite style and I think it’s just really unique. Everyone’s story is either in Ink or Limelight but I very rarely see a story in Classic. Sure the standard today is expected that everyone writes their story in Ink or Limelight… but I don’t want to do what everyone else is doing. :wink:

And to be honest, I would not care nor shed a single tear if it does not get a lot of reads. I suppose the reason for that is because I wouldn’t care about the number of reads in the first place, but in this scenario regarding the art style, I know that if someone doesn’t like something? Guess what… there’s always someone else who does. Numbers aren’t everything unless you’re entering the Writer’s Payment/Gem Program or your goal is to make your story well established/known/popular. Now, if this isn’t the author’s goal, similar to my example that I described before, the author doesn’t lose. The reader does. They’ve got preferences, yes, but they’ve just missed out on reading and experiencing a great story, unfortunately. Regarding quality? Everyone has a different definition of it. But in the end, quality can be produced regardless of the goal. Quality is key, and that’s the author’s responsibility.

So, I would not be concerned about that. Classic is my favorite style and preference, yes, but that doesn’t mean I hate Ink or Limelight (I love all of the styles tbh). I will read any story in any style whether it be Classic, Ink, Limelight, Spotlight etc., as long as it’s well written by the story itself, otherwise, If I didn’t do this, I would be be missing out on a lot of great stories. I do not care about the art style.

To me, a quality story, is simply what it is. A quality story, by the writing, and the effort put into the writing/script itself. The art style, whether Classic, Ink, or Limelight that the author uses is all subjective anyways unless their goal is something different (getting more reads, payment program etc.), then they’d be more likely to use the more popular styles because that’s just the fact of the matter. It is more logical.

Just depends, to be honest. But those are my thoughts.

@amberose @alphard Nice list you’ve got there. I think I’ve read all of those stories but haven’t completed a few of them lol. I’ve been hunting for Classic stories for a long while now. I’ve been compiling a long list of all the Classic stories (both old and recent) that I can find. I might make it public soon when I get some free time, as it’s difficult to find a good Classic story these days so all the Classic fans (myself included) and those who are interested can enjoy vintage stories and add their own findings to the collection. :slight_smile:


I used to love Classic so much, but now I think Ink and Limelight are growing on me. Still, I’d rather write a high quality story in Classic.